Committee Member Application and Nomination Form


Term:  Jamadi-us-Thani 1440H Jamadi-us-Thani 1441H

Section 1.Name, Contact and Demographic Information

Section 2. Committee

1) Please state your interest in two (2) Committee's by circling them. Provide ranking using numbers 1 and 2. Please note that there is no guarantee you will be placed in your primary or perhaps even secondary committee of choice. Please give particular attention to section 4.
By legibly printing your name in the statement below, you are attesting to the statement.
hereby agree to fulfill and honor duties and responsibilities in their entirety as stated in the job description for the Committee and/or Directorship that would be assigned to me by the Board of Trustees of IEC Husaini.

Section 3 . Commitment

Scetion 4.Qualification Checklist for Board of Directors

2) Do you practice Froo-e- Deen? Specifically, do you

NOTE: Please contact the A’alim for any clarifications at (630) 935-7862

Section 5. Nomination by Two (2) Community Members